Jul 29, 2013

When Did I Start Loving Slytherin?

When the Harry Potter "hype" first started, I was not riding the wave. I was very disinterested in fiction, so it was never a book I considered at my schools Scholastic Book Fair. Needless to say that changed when the movie came out and my parents took me to see it when I was in the 4th grade. My little 7 year old mind was blown. Not by the hero, his side kicks, or the adventure. I was blown away by Snape and Slytherin. "But Adela, little girls hate evil. They love the good guys and rainbows with butterflies." I did like that stuff, but this was the first time I felt more connected to the "dark side" than the "light side".

Since then I've noticed all the evil/misunderstood/anti-hero characters I've fallen in love with, many you've seen me mention here in the blog. But why do I identify with Slytherin? Why not any of the other houses? Does that make me evil? Certainly not (though I have my moments). Here's why personally I feel Slytherin is my house:

  1. Slytherin is for those who are smart enough to know how to get the job done and at any cost. What's the point of having the know how, and not having the spine to do it?
  2. We are interested in advancing our interests, and the interests of people close to us. This doesn't mean our interests have to be evil.
  3. A Slytherin will tell it like they see it. No coy sugar coated BS on our end.
  4. We demand respect, and some of us even deserve it.
  5. We totally have a cool common room and mascot. Can't that be enough?
  6. Pottermore totally agrees with me and I was sorted into Slytherin the 1st time.
My wand on Pottermore.
The house you choose to associate yourself with is a very personal thing. Sometimes it's about who you are on the outside; who you want people to believe you are. Other times it's about who you wish you could be. For me, Slytherin is who I really think I am. How about you? Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff?


  1. I really couldn't choose actually..but I was sorted into Slytherin through honest answers and on my first time so yeah!

    1. Which two houses are you conflicted with?

  2. I just thought the slytherin traits were more me. especially traits 2&3

    1. Slytherin's seem more real and fit in our reality. The other houses seem kind of idealized.

  3. What's your username on pottermore?