Jul 20, 2013

When Did I Start Singing?

Let's all take a moment and just appreciate the wonder and majesty that is Daryl Dixon. Never have I had the pleasure of seeing such a compelling character in a TV show, who also happens to be a hot red neck. The most appropriate way to describe Daryl is he's an onion. Layer upon layer of man that we see just a little more of with each episode. With Season 4 of The Walking Dead coming our way this October, I look forward to him the most, as I'm more emotionally invested in him that our main protagonist, Rick. It's not that I don't like Rick, I just feel like if he got shot in the head or eaten by zombies, I wouldn't feel I've lost anything.

I will also add that I ship the hell our of Daryl/Carol. What is my reasoning? Because they are adorable. He is very protective of her, and she seems genuinely invested in him. I'm hoping beyond all hope they will officially become a thing this season, not that my head-canon isn't satisfying enough.

Hopelessly cheering them on until the end....

On a side note, started singing "I Will Go Down With This Ship", and mom says "I thought you just said I will go down on this bitch." I don't know whether to laugh or cry or both.

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