Jul 16, 2013

When Did I Become Protective Of Harley Quinn?

So I really love Harley Quinn. I wanted to be her for a very long time (yes, I see the pit falls). I admire her. I'm essentially obsessed with her "boyfriend". I love reading about her. That being said I jumped the gun when I heard there would be changes. I'm looking at you, New 52.

So who exactly is Harley Quinn? The way I know her, and her original origin story goes, is a former psychiatrist working at Arkham Asylum who volunteered to analyze The Joker. She falls in crazy ass love with him, and helps him not only escape but becomes a sort of side-kick/punching bag. Is there nothing more romantic? She becomes BFF's with Poison Ivy, who does her a solid by injecting her with a dose of instant agility, strength, and toxin immunity. What a pal.

The Harley Quinn I've come to know and love.
Okay, so now it's New 52 time. This is it in a nut shell. Harley was a top student in NYC. Came to work in Gotham City with the same psychiatrist gig. The Joker manipulates her using knowledge about her fathers death. Blah Blah Blah, she breaks The Joker out, goes with him somewhere, voices she doesn't want to be there anymore, and bam! A rehash of The Jokers origin in a vat of chemicals. Bleached skin and two tone hair. Fine.

New 52 Harley Quinn statue.
I was shocked when I saw her new outfit for the first time. What. A. Slut. I liked that with her old outfit, she could be seductive and funny. Now it's "Hey, a crazy set of walking ass and tits." Where is my black and red? I can try to over look it as much as I want, but it comes back to nag at my eyes. I cannot admit to myself it is really Harley Quinn.

I will admit I haven't READ any of the New 52 Harley Quinn content. I think I am, however, now ready to start. From what I can tell from other Harley Quinn lovers is she is still funny (a little more twisted), smarter (she originally sleeps her way through college), and in love (pretty much) with The Joker. Aside from the cop-out chemical transformation and whore of a mess outfit, I'm not hearing much I don't like.

So, I will start reading, and update you on my thoughts as they come. Wish me luck!


  1. I prefer the old look.

    1. I have read the first 3 issues of the new Harley Quinn series co-written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. I have to say, I have finally fallen back in love with Harley. I recommend giving it a try. The look is MUCH softer than Suicide Squad, and the story offers good insight into the character.

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