Mar 31, 2013

When Did I Start Wishing You Happy Easter?

This Lego bunny I made just for you. It likes carrots. OH, and comments.
Today means more to some than others. Some people think Jesus, some a bunny, and others think it's just any old Sunday. Whatever you're doing today, be thankful we live in a world that we can all have so many ideas of today, or any day, and it be considered ok. Have an awesome day!

Mar 30, 2013

When Did I Start Having Bad Saturdays?

I'm going to be honest here. Today sucked. It sucked for me, my husband, and my dog.

I started my day learning that the grooming salon at Petsmart cut open my dogs skin under her arm. She needed to be sedated, given pain killers, antibiotics, and stitches. Needless to say, they paid for the grooming and all the medical attention she needed because they fucked up.

Then the Open House at my job was a flop. I expected a flood of people, and I got the complete opposite. So that lovely hour spent (unpaid) setting up was worthless.

My husband has had a bad headache all day and feels like throwing up.

So, I think all of us just want today to be over. Wake me up on Monday...

Mar 29, 2013

When Did I Start Taking Vitamins? (Plus C2E2 News)

As an aging lady, 20 to be exact, it is important to start taking care of myself. I work out 24 minutes a day, I'm cutting down on my over eating, and I'm even drinking more water.

However, my doctor asked if I'm taking any vitamins. I never thought I should be taking any, thinking only little kids and old people needed them. Decided to have my husband go and buy me some 1-A-Day Women's VitaCraves.

IT'S A GUMMY! FOR ADULTS! Finally science is being put to good use. Tasty stuff. So let's hope your humble blog writer gets a little healthier with all these changes.

In C2E2 news...

My 3 Day pass has finally arrived, meaning, I am officially attending the con. I bought half the clothing I need for my cosplay outfit, which should arrive in a week and a half. Tomorrow a friend is helping me cut the tubing for my hammers, then I can start constructing!

Mar 28, 2013

When Did I Start Wearing Dresses?

I'm not an avid dress wearer, but I've been know to rock one occasionally.
This little number is what I plan on wearing for my co-worker Krystyn's wedding in June. I, however, don't think I'll be doing heels. It's going to be out in Wisconsin, so I'm excited for the mini road trip. Michelle, my marketing director, is going to be my date.

I've always been the pants/shorts kind of woman, they just work well on me. I don't have too many occasions that are "dress" appropriate, although my boss thinks everyday is dress day.

Work is going full steam ahead today, hopefully this is a sign our Open House will rock!

Mar 27, 2013

When Did I Start Running Ragged?

Well folks, there is indeed no rest for the wicked, and money, in fact, does not grow on trees.

This Saturday I've got an Open House at my property, hopefully rent a decent amount or apartments because of it. Most of the materials are already in place, rest comes Friday. Fingers crossed on that one.

So, I've been growing ever the more excited about upcoming C2E2. Only 29 days til it all goes down. The guest list has exploded since the last time I mentioned it. Planing on getting some autographs like:

  • Felicia Day (Codex: The Guild) 
  • Ron Perlman (Hell Boy) 
  • Jason Frank (Original Green Ranger) 
  • Adam West (Batman)
  • Laurie Holden (Andrea: The Walking Dead) 
  • Janina Gavankar (Luna: True Blood) 

I also bought the supplies for making the hammers for my cosplay outfit. They are less the traditional Harley Quin hammer (over sized with a long handle) and are more Thor Hammer sized. I hope they well received by fellow Con-Goers.

Mar 26, 2013

When Did I Start Attending Managers Meetings?

Trick question, I've been going forever. I'll be stuck in one today until about 1:00 pm, so I made my post in the morning so it could post automatically in the afternoon.

So basically, this is how a Managers Meeting Day goes:

  1. The night before, take work home and complete a few reports that honestly we won't discuss during the meeting, but we do them anyway because "you never know".
  2. Wake up and make yourself more beautiful than usual because your Manager has high standards and expects you to follow them. By follow them, she means she wants you to look like a clone of her.
  3. Head to the main office (earlier the better to get prime meter parking).
  4. Wait for the meeting to start, because we came WAY too early.
  5. Take notes for the Manager, even if she is taking her own.
  6. Listen, nod, smile, repeat.
  7. Possibly the main office ordered lunch, and possibly eat it.
  8. Go back to your property and see how in just a few hours, the place went to hell.
  9. Fix the hell.
  10. Wait for 5:00 pm, and head home to sleep it off.
In unrelated news, I started watching Downton Abbey with my husband last night. Watch 2 episodes, and the damn thing is a lot funnier than I ever though. Definitely going to watch more later today.

James made me breakfast! Feast your eyes on this delicacy.

Also, I think I'm very spring snazzy today, but you be the judge.

Well, wish me luck in today's meeting. Hopefully everything is business as usual.

Mar 25, 2013

When Did I Start Playing With Legos?

I used this nifty little Google Chrome App called "Build With Chrome" to make the above masterpiece. You like? Now it certainly isn't as impressive as some other people's creations, some with a crazy scope of detail. It is, however, so user friendly, even I could make what I intended to without much difficulty.

Chome partnered with LEGO and the product is a very easy to use and fun app that makes a good alternative to doodling for me. You should try it out! What will you make?

Mar 24, 2013

When Did I Start Going To Sleepovers?

Buenos Dias everyone! So Saturday afternoon I went with my Husband to Michelle's apartment and boy did we cook! I made bbq chicken and veggie kabobs and oven baked potato chips. Yum-E. Great company for a great meal. After, Michelle invited us out to this nifty Ice Cream/ Candy Parlor called Margie's Candies. Had a candy filled rush there for sure. Headed back to her place and she was nice enough to have us stay the night. Sunday morning, I made everyone scrambled cheesy veggie eggs topped with diced chicken and we had fruit on the side. No better way to wake up. Sad the hubby and I had to go, but planning on going back real soon!
This is a small section of candy selection.
James had a sundae, and I had a chocolate shake.
Michelle had this crazy good chocolate cake and ice cream.
Cute cute cute candy/ice cream parlor.
James was flirty with his candy necklace.

Mar 23, 2013

When Did I Start Obsessing Over Youtube Cook Shows?

I love spending days off watching Travel Channel, Food Network, and the Cooking Channel. Not many other things keep me more entertained than watching someone cook good food. Mostly though, when I get home after work, I miss a lot of the shows that air during the day. Also, those shows in the morning, however, are more like talk shows since they have more time to fill and ratings to focus on.

So then there is Chef John. He sounds like a lovely man really, and he has a nice pair of hands. He hosts a  Youtube Channel called Food Wishes. It's a no nonsense, light, and attractive cooking show; perfect for the at home chef such as my husband and myself.

Come on, tell me you couldn't do this at home! It's so straight forward. You can give it a watch, re-watch, pause, rewind, and all on your table/phone/laptop. I can't even tell you how much I love this channel. The puns this man rattles off sometimes, I could die.

Go give it a watch sometime and try to make something off of it. Tell me how it goes!

Mar 22, 2013

When Did I Start Hanging With The Cool Kids?

There are few things in life I enjoy more than hanging out with a few friends over food and drinks. Case in point, the lovely picture above. My co-worker extrordinare, Marcus, and I took a picture at another co-workers baby shower. Don't we look so cool and happy? Course we do.

Saturday after work I have a date with my Marketing Director friend Michelle and my Husband. We're gonna cook and chill out, isn't that nice? Spring is in the air, and I can't wait to keep having fun whenever I can.

Mar 20, 2013

When Did I Make Harry Potter Conspiracy Theories?

I think I've made a deadly connection...we have a post here at the company I work at that is ALWAYS getting a new person. The position is Marketing Director. I woke up this morning and realized that it's just like the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher at Hogwarts. Either the person quits, or is let go, or.....disappears. Well, maybe not disappears, but you get the point.

So now I'm trying to figure out who in the company would be Snape. Someone in an executive assistant position, leasing, or maybe even one is safe from my gaze!

Or maybe my life isn't a parallel to the world of Harry Potter, but thinking about that possibility is just so boring. However, I wouldn't be in Gryffindor, I'd be Slytherin all the way. So it's like a parallel flipped universe. So all the guys are girls, and all the girls are guys...

Mar 19, 2013

When Did I Start Going Out?

It's a miracle ladies and gentleman! I, Adela Morales, actually went out AGAIN for an evening with a friend. One might even think I'm beginning to be social.

Before I tell you about that, at work we attended a Housing Fair for the university right next to us. Man oh man, did we look like the most fun/professional bunch there! Our Marketing Director hooked us up with 2 long tables, really nice bright orange table cloths with our company logo, all our printed materials, candy and treats, balloons, pens, and matching orange logo tote bags. I had a power point going of all the pretty pictures and important info about the building I work at. We got a lot of people coming up to us and asking questions, and 56 even signed guest cards that they were interested in more information.

I call that a success. I worked from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, so 2 hours overtime, but totally worth it. Then, then even more fun part began!

The Marketing Director, Michelle, and I went out to go meet our fellow friend Ruth, a Property Manager. We had a nice rib dinner, potatoes, veggies, pineapple upside-down cake, and tea. After, we got a tour of some renovated units, which by the way looked killer. Then we made our way downstairs and watched a few opera singers perfom. Props to them, they had some beautiful voices.

We left around 8:30 pm and headed to Michelle's apartment to hang out with her adorable 2 cats that are a breed called Devon Rex. She was the most lovely host, but I had to leave at 11:00 pm considering it's a work night. All in all, I had a blast.

Mar 16, 2013

When Did I Decide A Sippy Cup Was Age Appropriate?

You read that right. I bought a sippy cup. Now before you go judging me, here is a picture of it.

  1. Adorable - Check.
  2. Portable - Check.
  3. Spill Proof - Check.
The only 3 criteria I have for my water bottles. So you imagined my squee when I saw this at Target. The 'real' reason I bought it was for the training yesterday, which went AWESOME by the way. The theme was very spring/Easter, so I felt this was a fitting addition to my table. I wish the bottle was bigger, I have a bit more thirst than a 3 year old, but it had to do.

Oh, here are some pictures of the training room before people arrived. It isn't fancy or anything, but it was very fun!

Table One: The Dream Team
Table 2: Ferocious Panthers
Table 3: Leasing Lions

Prize Table
Everyone had their place look like this. Name tag, binder, and pen.
I was in control of the presentation, and got to speak for most of it. Oh, also impromptu DJ.
The whole thing was a big success. After we finished, we all went out for drinks at this place called Chicago Brauhaus. THERE WAS A POLKA BAND!

Mar 15, 2013

When Did I Get Obsessed With Hannibal?

I think the first time I saw a Hannibal Lecter movie was when I was a high school freshman. It was "Silence of The Lambs". I watched the movie probably not even realizing there was a book or that it was the second film in the series. I don't think I even saw the whole thing, but it left me very intrigued. So a couple years later, when the subject of Hannibal came up, I decided to rent all 4 movies in 'chronological' order in that universe; Hannibal Rising to Hannibal.

I came to a verdict pretty quickly that the character of Hannibal Lecter was not only unforgettable, but I empathized deeply with him, and even kinda thought the young version of him was a bit attractive. In any case, I rewatch the films on an annual basis it seems, but I've never read any of the books. I've decided that should change this year, and here's why:

NBC is turning the novel 'Red Dragon' into a series (hopefully there will be an audience larger than just me to keep it going). The promos have looked promising, and the final trailer above solidified my want to see it. I'm not too thrilled with the choice of Hannibal because:

  1. He isn't Anthony Hopkins, but who is?
  2. He lacks the quirky fun / insanity vibe I got from the film version of Lecter.
But, I do approve of the actor for the sole reason I'm glad they didn't pick some 'hot' actor who we are too comfortable seeing everywhere. This role needs to be someone sexy in the brain, aged and rough around the edges, and who we aren't too familiar with.

Have you seen any of the Hannibal Movies? Read any of the books? Looking forward to the show? Tell me what you think, readers.

Mar 14, 2013

When Did I Get Roped Into A Training?

So I mentioned in passing before that my Property Manager and I will be doing a Leasing Training at our company tomorrow. It's going to be from 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm. We have all the materials, decorations, prizes, candy, lunch, and presentation ready to go. I even went and bought a little outfit for it. The owners son and the regional manager will be there too.

I'm going through all the stuff we will be doing and I'm just a little worried that the presentation won't fill out the time we have. The presentation have 6 activities, but they wouldn't last more than 10 minutes each. Right there is at least an hour in itself, but there is still 2 hours and a half left. I figure that half hour will be spent on brief discussion after each activity. Which still leaves 2 hours.

I was thinking of looking for some videos online that pretain to leasing or customer service. If I play a couple videos throughout, that can be a whole nother 30 minutes used. My only real fear about all this isn't tripping on my words or not knowing an answer, it's...

Mar 13, 2013

When Did I Wanna Be A Snake?

Did you meet my snake yet? Her name is Anguila. She is a pale pink corn snake. Adorable.

She's a pretty active little thing, and she has a healthy appetite for baby mice. She is also blissfully unaware that James was not passed by MEPS for his physical. Yeah. I wish I was her.

Mar 12, 2013

When Did I Get So Nervous?

Hope your Tuesday has been going as dandy as a Tuesday can be. We're almost at the middle of March, and the whole year in general has been whizzing by me...

So, James is in a hotel tonight waiting for Wednesday morning's glorious physical. It's a little strange spending the night alone, but then I think about spending months without James, and this one little night isn't so bad. I'm probably going to have a hard time getting to sleep since I'll be thinking about what's going to happen at the MEPS Station. Plus, the new layer of terror is if James is given the okay for his physical, he then has to see if the job he wants is available for him to go to boot camp right away. Don't even want to think about it.

But in other more cheerful news, Andrea from The Walking Dead is going to be attending C2E2! I'm pretty stoked to see her. Her character has been getting a bit of flack this season, but I'll make sure to give her a big hug and tell her "I know that feel." Carl's actor is coming too, but all I wanna tell him is "Why aren't you in the house, Carl?"

Other than that, there isn't much news on my end...does anyone wanna cuddle with me tonight?

Mar 11, 2013

When Did I Ever Feel So Excited?

Superfantasticallyawesome news everyone! No, I didn't discover a way to eat all I want and never gain weight. Also, I didn't win the lotto, although I certainly wouldn't mind that...

What does this mean? That means that Wednesday morning, James is gonna get his OFFICIAL physical from MEPS, and once they give him the "okay", he gets to sign a contract for the Navy! I can't even tell you how so crazy awesome I feel right now, and James is on another planet happy.

So keep your fingers crossed boys and girls, the fate of a would be Sailor is in MEPS hands.

Mar 9, 2013

When Did I Start Wanting A Doberman?

You might already know I have a chiuahua named Yumiko. She's a bit of a butterball, but look who's talking. She's going to turn 4 this year, but pretty much still acts like a puppy. I love her bunches, even though she drives me insane occassionally.

When I was younger, we had big dogs, but before I got Yumiko, it had been 8 or more years since I'd even had a dog. We were just a few months into living in Chicago, and we decided we'd get a dog on my mothers birthday. Since we lived in an apartment, a small dog was our only option, but I'm glad we got Yumiko since she's a cuddly little ball of fluff.

Now that James and I are planing on moving this year, we knew we'd be taking Yumiko with us. We take care of her anyways, and I would love to keep her. However, I still want my big dog. I'd been thinking for a while what breed I like, and Dobermans were what really caught my eye. They have a very strong pressence, and beautiful features. It also doesn't hurt to have a semi-guard dog when you're going to be alone sometimes months at a time.

So I've been looking at Doberman pictures ever since, wish each one was mine, but not being able to do anything about it yet. I of course want to make sure that Yumiko approves of whatever dog I get, considering she's the princess of the house. I think she'll enjoy having another dog to play with, since she's never played with another dog in her life.

Mar 8, 2013

When Did My Dad Start Quoting Twilight Movies?

I'd like to think my father is a pretty well educated and cultured guy. He's got a Masters Degree, works at the Chicago Public Schools Central Offices, and loves anything to do with history. So I consider him a serious person. My mother, is a bit of an opposite. Don't get me wrong, she's super smart, but her smart is for business as opposed to philosophy.

So Mom enjoys watching the Twilight Saga movies. You know, the ones with sparkly vampires? Yeah. She ropes dad into watching them when they come out on Demand. So the last instalment in the series came out recently I guess and they watched it on Sunday. I watched it in theaters so I pretty much remember the dialogue and stuff.

Well fast forward to Wednesday, and we just finished having dinner at the table. I tend to slouch at the table after work since I'm tired. Mom yells from the living room "Don't slouch!" so obviously I slouch more. Then dad chimes in "Maribel (mom), humans don't sit up straight." It took me a second to realize that was a line from the Twilight movie.

It wasn't a big thing really, but it gave me a laugh that this big masculine Mexican man, who happens to be a well educated guy, just referenced a movie about sparkly vampires and teen angst. I know it's probably one of those "you had to be there" moments, but I like sharing.

Mar 7, 2013

When Did I Start Wanting To Run A Bakery?

Here's the thing, I'm 20 years old and I pretty much know what I want to do. The issue is I've been skirting around it until I move out of my parents house. I'm going to college right now to be a teacher, but honestly I'm not feeling it. I know I could be a teacher, and I think I'd do well. I just don't want that to be my career.

Since forever I've loved baking, eating baked goods, and watching other eat what I've made. It makes me happy. So when I move out, I think I want to attend a school where I can learn all the infrastructure I need, baking and business sides. That way I can possibly run a baking delivery service.

So, here's the idea. I have a website people can go on to order. I envision this being useful for office staff in big buildings or hospitals, and the usual catering services. There they order when they want a certain something, and I call them back to either confirm, deny, or follow up an order. Then I go and make my deliveries.

Good, bad, ok? I just want to start out small making deliveries before I decide if I want to open a permanant bakery, considering I don't know where my husband will be stationed for the Navy.

Comments below are encouraged....needed....please?

Mar 6, 2013

When Did I Start Telling You My Life Story?

The answer is since day 1. I'm told I "over-share". Pssssh. So, anyways...

My hubby James has FINALLY been given the okay to do his official physical this Friday! I know all his hard work is gonna pay off and he can finally relax just a little.

Also, you'll be happy to know I survived the snow storm yesterday, but not unscathed. After work, I was afraid of the drive home. Forgetaboutit! The drive was fine, it was the parking- no, I mean STREET PARKING, that was a nightmare. First we had to find a damn space, then when we tried to park, we got stuck in a snow bank for 30 minutes. I just wanted to get home...but in the end after help from James, Dad, and neighbors, we got out of it, and parked somewhere else.

But of course, when I got home cold and wet, there was no hot water to shower with. C'est la vie. I made due with some hot coco and buttered english muffins. Yum!

You'll be happy to know, this morning, I got a whole 10 minutes of hot water to shower with. 

In other news, I'll be doing a presentation at my job the 15th, and soon after that we'll be hosting an Open House. I'm excited for the warmer months to start because that's when we get our big business.

Mar 4, 2013

When Did I Start Missing Florida?

You may not know this, but I despise heat and humidity. I get miserably cranky in that weather. I also lived in it for 8 years. So you can imagine I spent a little of that time whining and complaining anytime I was pulled away from Central Cooling Systems.

Right now I'm living in Illinois, and it's snowing like a MO FO. We're expecting 7-10 inches today.

I think after 4 years of living in Chicago, I've built an appreciation for Florida, and here's why:

  1. No Snow Storms of any kind. A freak flurry, maybe, but anything but inches of snow.
  2. No frozen pipes. Just this morning I was without any kind of water for more than an hour.
  3. Never without A/C. Here in Chicago, where every building is about 50 years or over, we don't have Central Cooling Systems. We have these dinky little window A/C units that aren't worth a damn. In the magical land of Florida, most buildings are new and have Central Cooling, most importantly, apartments.
  4. No crazy city traffic. I have a slight phobia of being in a car, so traffic drives me nuts. I used to think Florida was bad. NEVER. AGAIN.
  5. Real beaches. Chicago says they have a "beach". It's a rocky sand strip in front of a devastatingly polluted lake. PEOPLE REALLY SWIM THERE! It's so gross...
  6. Close to family and friends. I didn't appreciate that it took me less than an hour drive to visit any friend I wanted. Took me 15 minutes to go see my sister and her kids. Now I'm lucky if I see them once a year.
I could probably go on, but I digress. I simply was NOT built for these temperatures. I was also not build to accept being miles away from loved ones. So, hopefully, once this Navy business is sorted out with my husband, I can move to Pensacola, FL soon after my husband does for his A school.