Jul 9, 2013

When Did I Have 95 Days Left?

It's 95 days until my CURRENT moving date to go to Florida. Not sure if this date will change, but it depends on a lot of things: when the house is bought, if I find a job in advance, and if I can stop working a week or two early. So for now, we're sticking to 95.

Right now I'm doing a "Spike Episodes Only" Buffy Marathon every day before bed (like 3 episodes). It's fun because it's been a long time since I'd seen the series, and Spike is my favorite character. I only just finished watching the ULTRA creepy episode "Hush" with those delightful Gentleman. 
They had class, I'll give them that.
I always wanted there to be more Spike content since really he was the first vampire I ever really liked. What about Angel? Fuck. Angel. What about you, did you ever watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Was Spike a character you liked?


  1. Those guys and that sewer monster from X-Files still creep me out...

    1. At least The Gentleman are fabulous.