Jul 18, 2013

When Did My Body Ever Feel So Sore?

Afternoon everyone! A quick update since I'm still busy with work and my sister being here.
  • I went to The Field Museum here in Chicago with my Dad and sister yesterday. It was about 6 hours of walking. I'm used to sitting in a chair at work all day, and only walk to and from a car. My calves and ankles are on strike.
Me and my sis Aleida.
  • I found out some promising news concerning Harley Quinn being given a monthly series from artist Amanda Conner and writer Jimmy Palmiotti. Heard they did good things with Power Girl, so we'll see. Fingers Crossed!
  • I saw Pacific Rim (IMAX 3D) with my whole family, and can I tell you, I was so happily blown away. I want to see it a couple more times in theaters. My favorite characters? The Kaidanovsky couple who pilot Cherno Alpha. Bad. Asses.
  • Just found out the loan for James's and my first house was APPROVED! This weekend James will be going to look at houses. Can you believe it?
So there you have it. Been a busy lady. My sister leaves early Sunday morning. After that I plan on doing laundry and going to do my nails. Hopefully we can talk soon!

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