Jul 11, 2013

When Did My Sister Arrive?

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting yesterday, but I had to clean up after work because my sister arrived after midnight from Mexico. Yes, I have an older sister from Mexico that was from my fathers first marriage. Her name is Aleida. Yes, I realize my name is hers backwards and without the "i". I give my dad a hard time about it to this day.
On most days.
So she will be staying with us until next Saturday, meaning I'm going to be a bit busy after work until then. I already know this Sunday my family will be taking her to the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin. I've been before, and it's loads of fun. Can't wait to have my sister enjoy those insanely large turkey legs.
This is like a T-Rex leg.
Other than that not too sure what she wants to do while she is up here. It's just difficult since my mother and I have to work everyday except Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Either way, we have the evenings after work to do stuff, which is why I think I won't be able to post everyday until the 20th. "But Adela, you don't post reliably anyway." Don't be rude, audience.

I'm hungry for some reason....

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