Jul 6, 2013

When Did I Start Respecting Cosplayers?

The answer is always, silly. It doesn't matter if you have a $500 outfit or $5. Store bought or hand-made. You've chosen to so something few others have the courage (or audacity...) to do. So here is a list of my top three reasons I respect cosplayers.

  1. You let your freak flag fly: You love Sailor Moon. You decided to dress up as her despite the fact you are not a spot on resemblance of her, but you do it anyways (for better or worse). You have fun and tell anyone who doesn't like it STFU.
  2. You put in work: Unlike most everyone else, you didn't come in a clever t-shirt and backpack. No, you decided to be theatrical. Slaved making it or making the money to buy it. You did your hair, your make up, and put thought into poses.
  3. You put up with shit: Maybe people are heckling you for not being "the perfect" cosplayer. Maybe people are stalking your ass through the convention hall and forcing themselves on you. Either way, you deal with it. Not only that, it's fucking hot in those crowds.
So, I was happy to discover that Syfy will be premiering a new show called Heroes Of Cosplay. Most people I recognized their names instantly, and I'm excited to see a glimpse into their wicked cool process. These people are obviously on the high end of Cosplay. Could I ever achieve their greatness? Theoretically,with some sewing lessons, down time, make-up, and cash I could get close. Will I try it? Yes.
MegaCon 2014, here I come.

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