Jul 12, 2013

When Did I Start Drinking Coffee?

I tried my first coffee at about 8 years old. It was like weird tasting chocolate milk to me. As I got older I picked up that my dad drank at least 1 cup every day. I don't drink it that often, though I'm close, but it just feels like a little mental break in my day. There are few things in this life that offer me such complete relaxation than a cup of coffee. I'm not talking about the mocha-frappe-double shot-chocolate drizzled-whipped cream-sprinkles diabetes in a cup you can get now. I'm talking about some breakfast light roasted, 2 sugars, and 3 creams perfection when you get to work. I'm telling you, this must be doing wonders for my blood pressure.

So, yesterday after work, my mom, dad, and sister hopped in the car and we went to the mall for a while. Everyone bought what they wanted to wear to the Bristol Renaissance Faire this Sunday. The forecast for Kenosha Wisconsin is party cloudy and the high will be 81 degrees, so obviously we want to go comfortable. I just got a pair of jean shorts, a t-shirt (yes from the men's section if you must know), and a nifty pair of shoes.

These in gray and super cozy.
Tomorrow I expect after work we will be going grocery shopping since the pantry/fridge is a little barren. Having my sister around has been fun, and it's nice having someone close to your age in the house. I even sat down with her last night and she watched a couple videos of cosplayers on Youtube with me. She didn't seem bored at all. Today she is in Downtown Chicago hanging around the Taste of Chicago. Later dad is picking her up and they will go home together. She has a good sense of humor so we mesh.

Do you have half siblings? Do you get along?

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