Jul 29, 2013

When Did I Start Loving Slytherin?

When the Harry Potter "hype" first started, I was not riding the wave. I was very disinterested in fiction, so it was never a book I considered at my schools Scholastic Book Fair. Needless to say that changed when the movie came out and my parents took me to see it when I was in the 4th grade. My little 7 year old mind was blown. Not by the hero, his side kicks, or the adventure. I was blown away by Snape and Slytherin. "But Adela, little girls hate evil. They love the good guys and rainbows with butterflies." I did like that stuff, but this was the first time I felt more connected to the "dark side" than the "light side".

Since then I've noticed all the evil/misunderstood/anti-hero characters I've fallen in love with, many you've seen me mention here in the blog. But why do I identify with Slytherin? Why not any of the other houses? Does that make me evil? Certainly not (though I have my moments). Here's why personally I feel Slytherin is my house:

  1. Slytherin is for those who are smart enough to know how to get the job done and at any cost. What's the point of having the know how, and not having the spine to do it?
  2. We are interested in advancing our interests, and the interests of people close to us. This doesn't mean our interests have to be evil.
  3. A Slytherin will tell it like they see it. No coy sugar coated BS on our end.
  4. We demand respect, and some of us even deserve it.
  5. We totally have a cool common room and mascot. Can't that be enough?
  6. Pottermore totally agrees with me and I was sorted into Slytherin the 1st time.
My wand on Pottermore.
The house you choose to associate yourself with is a very personal thing. Sometimes it's about who you are on the outside; who you want people to believe you are. Other times it's about who you wish you could be. For me, Slytherin is who I really think I am. How about you? Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff?

Jul 27, 2013

When Did I Have To Wake Up Early?

Surprise! I have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to go do laundry, so I'm setting this up to post at around 8:00 AM for me. I most likely woke up at 5:00 AM, gathered stray cloths into a bag to add to the 5 in the car, put on a pants/t-shirt/flip flop combo, and zombie my way to the car.
Feel the sarcasm in your bones.
Dad and I will do laundry for about 2 hours at a laundromat, and return around 8:30 AM, Loki willing. I will proceed to sleep until 11:00 AM, then begrudgingly drag myself to the shower. I'll get dressed pack an overnight bag, and get picked up around 2:00 PM by my friend Kelly and her uncle Dom. Where am I going? Giant turkey leg land, bitches! Jealous?

Stop hurting my feelings. Anyway, I'll be staying the night at Kelly's then waking up on Sunday to enjoy the merriment that is The Bristol Renaissance Faire. More than likely I will return roasted by the sun, but it will be worth it. I'll try to take some not crappy pictures. Wish me luck!

Jul 26, 2013

When Did I Want Wonder Woman?

More specifically, a Wonder Woman movie. 

Now, we've had an explosion of super hero movies in the past 10 years or so. We've had X-Men (Marvel), The Punisher (Marvel), Elektra (Marvel), The Fantastic 4 (Marvel), Spider Man (Marvel), The Amazing Spider Man (Marvel), Ghost Rider (Marvel), Jonah Hex (DC), Catwoman (DC), Green Lantern (DC), Daredevil (Marvel), The Green Hornet (George W. Trendle and Fran Striker), Hellboy (Dark Horse), The Incredible Hulk (Marvel), Watchmen (DC), Kick-Ass (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Superman (DC), Man of Steel (DC), Batman Begins (DC), Captain America (Marvel), and The Avengers (Marvel) to name some of the higher profile entries.

Were all of them good? Hell. No. All were attempted, but some hit the mark extremely well. The failures were potentially epic, however, and it seems the possibility is "scaring" the powers that be into not wanting to make a Wonder Woman movie. Now, the statement released by the President of DC is valid, but no less a cop-out. You made Green Lantern for Christ sake, and supposedly you are worried about "getting her right"? She goes on to claim Wonder Woman is "one of the three top priorities for DC and for Warner Bros." Really? 10 years of hit and miss movies, and she's a priority? She ends saying Wonder Woman is "tricky".

I don't buy that. What is tricky about the character? There is a compelling personality, a solid origin story, she's sexy and independent, and she has the makings to sell movie tickets like hot dogs at a ball park. Get the right writers, a solid director, a REAL actress and you have the makings of a summer hit. Now, I'm not saying it won't be easy to screw up, ask Catwoman. But with so few leading lady super hero movies out there, I'm desperate for them to just give it a shot. I'll either leave the theater happy it was a good movie or happy they at least made the effort. Or is it that by "tricky" you mean to say that you're too afraid to stop pandering to the young male demographic, your profit margins will drop? Guess what, instead of tits being in the background, they are front and center.

So, come on DC. Give me a Wonder Woman movie. Give me a movie worthy of Diana.

Jul 25, 2013

When Did I Get So Impatient?

**UPDATE: Looks like we're getting mixed signals from different places. Seems October airing is not to be. PLEASE STOP TAUNTING ME!!!**

So I caught up with Sherlock (BBC) essentially in 2 days as soon as I found out how awesome it was. That was in April. It's going to be August soon. Why am I clawing at the internet asking "Where's my Sherlock!?" Now, I haven't suffered nearly as long as fans who've been on the wagon longer than me; some waiting since early 2012. Come on! I totally get that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have been busy boys, which is great since I love those actors in any work they are in, but the space in my heart for Sherlock goodness is a gaping hole.

I miss Watson defending his non-gayness left and right. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Yes, that is actually how the quote goes. Even if you're not a Sherlock/Watson shipper, you cannot deny that they have a deep connection as friends...like a buddy cop story. Except more gay and well produced.

With (finally) a date of October 31st for the return of my favorite sharp cheeked investigator, I am in the mood for throwing a Sherlock Premiere Party. What sort of food/drinks/desserts would you serve at that sort of shin-dig? I'd totally dress up as sexy Sherlock.

Jul 22, 2013

When Did I Come Up With This?

What makes certain characters so irresistible? More specifically, irresistible to me. Let's call it the "Spike Factor". I'll break it down:

  1. This character is either evil, antisocial, or cray cray.
  2. This character has more power that your average person.
  3. This character is well spoken (awesome word choice) and/or intelligent.
  4. This character has the "bad boy" air to him, maybe even prone to violence (physical or verbal).
  5. This character is not know for his triumphs, but rather failures or things not going his way.
  6. This character is attractive in an almost unconventional way.
  7. This character has glimmers of sensitive humanity. 
Billy Idol took my look, mate.
Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer follows this list. We first meet him in Season 2 as this evil Brit bad boy vampire, known for his sharp tongue, Billy Idol looks, and his less than stellar attempt to kill Buffy. His lines are so quotable it's insane. He isn't one note, though. He has these little moments where he seems fragile and sensitive. He's met every number on the list. So we can use him as a benchmark for my "type" of guy character.

Who else falls into this "Spike Factor" list?
  • Sherlock (BBC)
  • Loki (Marvel)
  • Will Graham (NBC)
Do you have a favorite character who has the "Spike Factor". Do you detest characters who fall under that description? I'm interested in comments.

Jul 20, 2013

When Did I Start Singing?

Let's all take a moment and just appreciate the wonder and majesty that is Daryl Dixon. Never have I had the pleasure of seeing such a compelling character in a TV show, who also happens to be a hot red neck. The most appropriate way to describe Daryl is he's an onion. Layer upon layer of man that we see just a little more of with each episode. With Season 4 of The Walking Dead coming our way this October, I look forward to him the most, as I'm more emotionally invested in him that our main protagonist, Rick. It's not that I don't like Rick, I just feel like if he got shot in the head or eaten by zombies, I wouldn't feel I've lost anything.

I will also add that I ship the hell our of Daryl/Carol. What is my reasoning? Because they are adorable. He is very protective of her, and she seems genuinely invested in him. I'm hoping beyond all hope they will officially become a thing this season, not that my head-canon isn't satisfying enough.

Hopelessly cheering them on until the end....

On a side note, started singing "I Will Go Down With This Ship", and mom says "I thought you just said I will go down on this bitch." I don't know whether to laugh or cry or both.

Jul 19, 2013

When Did I Start A New System?

Hello all, we are getting close to our 100th post here on "When Did I Get Here?". Can you believe it? Once the 100th post arrives, there will be a change. I'll be ringing in our day specific posts as follows:
  • Maribel Mondays: Mondays suck. We can all agree on that. So since my brain isn't even really on those days, my mother Maribel will be giving me a prompt each Monday to write about? Sometimes it will be controversial, sometimes funny, sometimes (more often than not) weird, but you can at least expect it to be better than what I would have come up with on my own.
  • Terrible Two-sdays: Okay, Tuesday isn't much better than Monday. Tuesday is a perfect day to air my grievances with 2 things going on in our world (past, present, future). Enjoy my ranting tone.
  • Wonderin' Wednesdays: That thing that's been bugging me, right at the back of my brain? Yeah, this is where it goes.
  • Domestic-Dame Thursdays: "Adela, why does this day's theme not start with a 'T'." You can't always get what you want. This is the day I will talk about my Domestic Wife Adventures.
  • Fan-Tastic Fridays: This is my fangirl, geek out, pop culture post of the week.
  • Sinful Saturdays: All the things I love that are bad for me are posted here.
  • Sundays Off: No blog posts on Sundays, because the blog gods forbid it.
Now I'd ideally like to see people comment more on the posts they read, but I get that sometimes reading is more fun than participating; I've been there. Just keep in mind I feel like I've done something people enjoy if you give me a quick comment.

Looking forward to the new blog format? Hate it? Tell me in the comments.

Jul 18, 2013

When Did My Body Ever Feel So Sore?

Afternoon everyone! A quick update since I'm still busy with work and my sister being here.
  • I went to The Field Museum here in Chicago with my Dad and sister yesterday. It was about 6 hours of walking. I'm used to sitting in a chair at work all day, and only walk to and from a car. My calves and ankles are on strike.
Me and my sis Aleida.
  • I found out some promising news concerning Harley Quinn being given a monthly series from artist Amanda Conner and writer Jimmy Palmiotti. Heard they did good things with Power Girl, so we'll see. Fingers Crossed!
  • I saw Pacific Rim (IMAX 3D) with my whole family, and can I tell you, I was so happily blown away. I want to see it a couple more times in theaters. My favorite characters? The Kaidanovsky couple who pilot Cherno Alpha. Bad. Asses.
  • Just found out the loan for James's and my first house was APPROVED! This weekend James will be going to look at houses. Can you believe it?
So there you have it. Been a busy lady. My sister leaves early Sunday morning. After that I plan on doing laundry and going to do my nails. Hopefully we can talk soon!

Jul 16, 2013

When Did I Become Protective Of Harley Quinn?

So I really love Harley Quinn. I wanted to be her for a very long time (yes, I see the pit falls). I admire her. I'm essentially obsessed with her "boyfriend". I love reading about her. That being said I jumped the gun when I heard there would be changes. I'm looking at you, New 52.

So who exactly is Harley Quinn? The way I know her, and her original origin story goes, is a former psychiatrist working at Arkham Asylum who volunteered to analyze The Joker. She falls in crazy ass love with him, and helps him not only escape but becomes a sort of side-kick/punching bag. Is there nothing more romantic? She becomes BFF's with Poison Ivy, who does her a solid by injecting her with a dose of instant agility, strength, and toxin immunity. What a pal.

The Harley Quinn I've come to know and love.
Okay, so now it's New 52 time. This is it in a nut shell. Harley was a top student in NYC. Came to work in Gotham City with the same psychiatrist gig. The Joker manipulates her using knowledge about her fathers death. Blah Blah Blah, she breaks The Joker out, goes with him somewhere, voices she doesn't want to be there anymore, and bam! A rehash of The Jokers origin in a vat of chemicals. Bleached skin and two tone hair. Fine.

New 52 Harley Quinn statue.
I was shocked when I saw her new outfit for the first time. What. A. Slut. I liked that with her old outfit, she could be seductive and funny. Now it's "Hey, a crazy set of walking ass and tits." Where is my black and red? I can try to over look it as much as I want, but it comes back to nag at my eyes. I cannot admit to myself it is really Harley Quinn.

I will admit I haven't READ any of the New 52 Harley Quinn content. I think I am, however, now ready to start. From what I can tell from other Harley Quinn lovers is she is still funny (a little more twisted), smarter (she originally sleeps her way through college), and in love (pretty much) with The Joker. Aside from the cop-out chemical transformation and whore of a mess outfit, I'm not hearing much I don't like.

So, I will start reading, and update you on my thoughts as they come. Wish me luck!

When Did I Become A Fangirl?

If you haven't figured out yet that I'm an incurable Sherlock (BBC), Hannibal (NBC), Harry Potter, Star Trek, or Avengers fangirl, don't worry, there is still time. I've been busy with my sister visiting from Mexico, but wanted to post a video with some thoughts.

This is a smart and funny video that illustrates an event that happens in fandom circles I don't understand and that peeves me.

I am a married almost 21 year old woman. I plan on having kids (not that soon). I don't get home some fans use those things as an excuse to leave the fandom. You can leave the fandom because your priorities changed: Your family is number one and you have no time for other things. For someone who is truly immersed in the fandom, being married and having children isn't a hindrance, but a chance to express your fangirl nature in other ways, for example:

  1. Tardis PJ's for your toddler.
  2. Harry Potter themed marriage.
  3. Attending conventions as the Loki Family.
  4. Having a movie/tv marathon with your kids (if it's appropriate for them).
  5. Making meals based on your favorite source material.
  6. Fanfiction can be written by anyone of any age, marital status, or amount of kids.
If you REALLY consider yourself a fangirl, it is a way of life. That will never change. If you abandon it after getting married and having children, then you were never really a fangirl to begin with.


Jul 13, 2013

When Did I Become So Irritable?

I don't really know what it is, but this week has been a special week of feeling pissed off easily. Has my special reserve of "give a fucks" been depleted entirely? Let me check...

Yup, all out it seems. I take issue most with people who simply refuse to take responsibility for their actions or take action for things that are being let run wild that should be stopped. Like at work, for example:

This phrase gets me every time I hear someone who works let it spew out of their ugly little mouths. "Well, I'm not getting in trouble for it." This one is just as bad. "I dunno, but it's not my problem." I just have one thing to say to those things.

Guess what? We all work here. We are all responsible. Yes, you will get in trouble if you did nothing to stop some shitty situation you knew about. Yes, it is your problem. I know this silly "team" concept may be lost on you, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exists. 

Take. Some. Fucking. Accountability. Please.

Jul 12, 2013

When Did I Start Drinking Coffee?

I tried my first coffee at about 8 years old. It was like weird tasting chocolate milk to me. As I got older I picked up that my dad drank at least 1 cup every day. I don't drink it that often, though I'm close, but it just feels like a little mental break in my day. There are few things in this life that offer me such complete relaxation than a cup of coffee. I'm not talking about the mocha-frappe-double shot-chocolate drizzled-whipped cream-sprinkles diabetes in a cup you can get now. I'm talking about some breakfast light roasted, 2 sugars, and 3 creams perfection when you get to work. I'm telling you, this must be doing wonders for my blood pressure.

So, yesterday after work, my mom, dad, and sister hopped in the car and we went to the mall for a while. Everyone bought what they wanted to wear to the Bristol Renaissance Faire this Sunday. The forecast for Kenosha Wisconsin is party cloudy and the high will be 81 degrees, so obviously we want to go comfortable. I just got a pair of jean shorts, a t-shirt (yes from the men's section if you must know), and a nifty pair of shoes.

These in gray and super cozy.
Tomorrow I expect after work we will be going grocery shopping since the pantry/fridge is a little barren. Having my sister around has been fun, and it's nice having someone close to your age in the house. I even sat down with her last night and she watched a couple videos of cosplayers on Youtube with me. She didn't seem bored at all. Today she is in Downtown Chicago hanging around the Taste of Chicago. Later dad is picking her up and they will go home together. She has a good sense of humor so we mesh.

Do you have half siblings? Do you get along?

Jul 11, 2013

When Did My Sister Arrive?

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting yesterday, but I had to clean up after work because my sister arrived after midnight from Mexico. Yes, I have an older sister from Mexico that was from my fathers first marriage. Her name is Aleida. Yes, I realize my name is hers backwards and without the "i". I give my dad a hard time about it to this day.
On most days.
So she will be staying with us until next Saturday, meaning I'm going to be a bit busy after work until then. I already know this Sunday my family will be taking her to the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin. I've been before, and it's loads of fun. Can't wait to have my sister enjoy those insanely large turkey legs.
This is like a T-Rex leg.
Other than that not too sure what she wants to do while she is up here. It's just difficult since my mother and I have to work everyday except Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Either way, we have the evenings after work to do stuff, which is why I think I won't be able to post everyday until the 20th. "But Adela, you don't post reliably anyway." Don't be rude, audience.

I'm hungry for some reason....

Jul 9, 2013

When Did I Have 95 Days Left?

It's 95 days until my CURRENT moving date to go to Florida. Not sure if this date will change, but it depends on a lot of things: when the house is bought, if I find a job in advance, and if I can stop working a week or two early. So for now, we're sticking to 95.

Right now I'm doing a "Spike Episodes Only" Buffy Marathon every day before bed (like 3 episodes). It's fun because it's been a long time since I'd seen the series, and Spike is my favorite character. I only just finished watching the ULTRA creepy episode "Hush" with those delightful Gentleman. 
They had class, I'll give them that.
I always wanted there to be more Spike content since really he was the first vampire I ever really liked. What about Angel? Fuck. Angel. What about you, did you ever watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Was Spike a character you liked?

Jul 8, 2013

When Did I Start Packing?

So this weekend, with the help of my parents, I was able to pack 8 boxes in 4 hours time. Not bad in my opinion. How about labeling boxes? I didn't want to have some boring system so I made this:

Will Graham (NBC): Fragile Paper Related
But seriously, little Graham Cracker is fragile...
Tony Stark (Avengers): Fragile Tech Related
I know I fear my tech breaking...
Khan (Star Trek Into Darkness): Fragile Collectibles/Glass Related
But you sure can break these boxes...
Hannibal (NBC): Kitchen Items
Mmmm, spleen! 
Spike (Buffy): Bedroom Items
It's called pillow talk, honey.
Watson (BBC): Bathroom Items
That's bullshit, and bullshit belongs in the bathroom.
Damon (The Vampire Diaries): Living Room Items
I'm sorry...Spike already called the bedroom.
Loki (Marvel): Mixed Box of Items
Happy to be throwing a wrench in the organization, I see...
I think it's more fun this way, plus I get to doodle on boxes, and confuse the living hell out of people. 

"Adela, where does this box go?" 
"Hannibal needs to go to the kitchen or he'll get cranky."

"What about this one?"
"We have to open Loki, he's a cluster-fuck."

"Where should I take Will Graham?"
"Careful with him...he's sensitive."

Jul 6, 2013

When Did I Start Respecting Cosplayers?

The answer is always, silly. It doesn't matter if you have a $500 outfit or $5. Store bought or hand-made. You've chosen to so something few others have the courage (or audacity...) to do. So here is a list of my top three reasons I respect cosplayers.

  1. You let your freak flag fly: You love Sailor Moon. You decided to dress up as her despite the fact you are not a spot on resemblance of her, but you do it anyways (for better or worse). You have fun and tell anyone who doesn't like it STFU.
  2. You put in work: Unlike most everyone else, you didn't come in a clever t-shirt and backpack. No, you decided to be theatrical. Slaved making it or making the money to buy it. You did your hair, your make up, and put thought into poses.
  3. You put up with shit: Maybe people are heckling you for not being "the perfect" cosplayer. Maybe people are stalking your ass through the convention hall and forcing themselves on you. Either way, you deal with it. Not only that, it's fucking hot in those crowds.
So, I was happy to discover that Syfy will be premiering a new show called Heroes Of Cosplay. Most people I recognized their names instantly, and I'm excited to see a glimpse into their wicked cool process. These people are obviously on the high end of Cosplay. Could I ever achieve their greatness? Theoretically,with some sewing lessons, down time, make-up, and cash I could get close. Will I try it? Yes.
MegaCon 2014, here I come.

Jul 5, 2013

When Did I Start Looking For A House?

Didn't I tell you already? No? Yeah, I'm looking for a house. Strange turn of events and infinite kindness on my in-laws part will mean my husband's and my first place won't be a rinky dinky apartment, but an actual house.
Thank you!
So what kind of house am I looking for? You didn't ask? Too bad. Going from most important to least important, here's our top 8.

  1. Good NeighborhoodCrime wise and travel times to grocery stores and the highway.
  2. Spacious bedroomsMaster Bedroom being the most important. Guest bedroom should be cozy. An extra room can be used for an office.
  3. Washer/Dryer Hook UpsWithout this, we will not consider a home.
  4. Decent Sized Kitchen w/ Most AppliancesGood enough to have James and I cooking at the same time. Must at least come with 2 major appliances (dishwasher, oven/stove, fridge).
  5. No Carpet In Common AreasWould rather have hardwood and tile throughout, but I understand this might not happen. If anything, I would settle for non-carpeted common areas (living/dining). Preferably floors that aren't too dark.
  6. GarageThis would be ideal for our car and also extra storage space.
  7. BackyardDoesn't have to come fenced in. Enough space for having small get togethers and cook outs. Preferably no trees.
  8. Pool/PatioNice size pool/patio area.
I'm not asking for the moon here, people. Did I mention...

Jul 4, 2013

When Did I Start With Gateway Drugs?

I stayed up until about 4:30 am today. Originally I had intended to sleep around midnight. This is basically what happened:

  1. Tumblr is a gateway drug: Started innocent enough. I was just looking for pictures of "Loki". Then it turned into "Tony Stark and Loki". 
    Glorious hotness....
  2. Then I remembered "Sherlock and Watson". I need season 3 of Sherlock (BBC).
    That's me when I watch the show.
  3. Benedict reminded me of one of my new favorite searches: Khan and Kirk.
    Now when you say everything....
  4. To which I realized I hadn't looked up "Hannibal and Will Graham" in a while. Come to think of it I need to finish the season...
  5. On that note I also hadn't looked up "Spike and Buffy" for a long time either. I should start watching their episodes together. 
    The chemistry is so evident.
It was a blur of pictures, gifs, fanfiction, and Netflix. 
God Bless America!

Jul 3, 2013

When Did I Start Loving Red White and Blue?

Alright, so I'm not going out tomorrow on 4th of July, but suddenly in my head I know exactly how I'd dress if I was. The common theme is making myself a walking flag. I think there is just something special about red, white, and blue against the summer background. Maybe I'll rock that look some other time this year. Do you know who I should thank for my ability to wear those colors? 

No not him....damn he looks good....

Anyone and everyone who has fought to keep our great nation, well, great! I didn't say perfect. In fact, it's like anything you consider great. Women, video games, and food all have flaws and or down sides. Does that stop you from obsessing over her? Did you stop playing that game? I know you didn't put that food down. So let's just enjoy America non-cynically at least for one day.

Do you have any special plans for the 4th? Just remember someone fought for your ability to enjoy that BBQ, wear that awesome spangled bandanna, and watch those fireworks.

Jul 2, 2013

When Did I Start Getting Territorial?

I have a big problem when people invade what I perceive to be "my space" at work. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Getting too close to me. For example: where I work, people think it's okay to come around my desk and talk to me while staring at my screen. Okay, how about no. I'm on this side of the desk, do me a favor and be on the opposite side. I'm not watching porn on the computer, but I deal with some sensitive information for clients such as socials, income, addresses, and I'd rather you not have your face in it.
  2. People picking up things off my desk. I have a few things on my desk at work. The only reason I have anything is because those things are important: my thermos, a picture of my husband and me, and an iron rose. That's it. Three things. People decide picking up one of these three objects is cool. Well, it's not.
  3. Siting in my chair without asking if it's cool. Look, this is my desk. This is my chair. Why is it when I get up, suddenly it's free game to people WHO DON'T WORK IN THIS OFFICE?! Oh hey, lookie here, I got up to do something and you're just siting in my chair, looking up something on my computer, and you didn't bother to take a second and ask "Can I use this a minute?". Rude.
These are not nit-picky in my opinion, these are common sense things. Is there an implied barrier? Good. Stay on your side. Does this belong to you? No? Then don't touch it. Did you ask to use that? Then guess what, you can't use it. Follow that simple guideline, and I won't need to end you.

When Did I Start Echoing?

I'm having a hard time sleeping. What else to do but make a blog entry! So this isn't going to be a very chipper entry as I've been feeling kind of down lately. Have you just had a period of time where you just feel like a husk of who you are, or at least, who you think you are?

Follow me here.
So for the past 3 weeks or so I've felt tired every moment of the day. Tired after 8 hours of sleep. Tired after a relaxing day. Tired after naps. Tired after food and drink that should give me energy. Just tired. Achy. Headaches. Nothing excites me. I feel...like this:

Tell me, my closest friend,
Have you felt this pain?
This ache so deep inside,
Dulling every aspect of your life.

How could it be this feeling,
All at once too much,
And yet still too little,
Is this how everyone feels?

I imagine time to time,
Everything gets rougher than we hope,
Handling is not enough,
Cooping is not living.

I am not living.
I am in neutral.
I know when it will end,
But will it ever end?

Someone call 2008, High School Freshman me wants her poetry back. Seriously though, I feel like shit. I know feeling better is just around the corner, but it feels like the opposite. It is just this pain, and I can't get rid of it. I think I'm going to make some waffles....

Jul 1, 2013

When Did I Start Liking Girls?

So people find out I am attracted to woman, more often than not, in a subtle way.

Scenario 1:
(Girl Walks By)
Adela: Wow...she's really hot.
Female Friend: I guess. Wait...do you like girls?
Adela: Yeah.

Scenario 2:
(Girl Walks By)
Male Friend: Damn she's hot.
Adela: I know, right?
Male Friend: Wait...do you like girls?
Adela: Yeah.

Those are the typical scenarios I'm "outed" to people I know. I haven't met a person yet who was weird-ed out or stopped being my friend because of it, so I'm a little lucky that way. Then there is the follow up questions I get.

Question 1:
Friend: So you like girls AND guys?
Adela: Yup, I'm bi.
Friend: Oh, okay.

Question 2:
Friend: Have you...you know...done it with a girl?
Adela: You're nosy, but yes.

Question 3: 
Friend: How come you married a guy?
Adela: Because he was the person I was in love with at the time, and he asked.

Question 4:
Friend: Doesn't your husband think it's weird? Does he think it's hot?
Adela: I don't think he has any strong feelings either way. He's cool with it, but it isn't relevant anymore since I'm off the market.

Yes, I am attracted to men and women. Not a super big deal. However, you'd be surprised the kind of things people have said in regards to being bi-sexual.

Dumb Thing 1:
A-Hole: That's a good excuse for being a slut.

Dumb Thing 2:
A-Hole: You just say you like girls to turn on guys.

What the holy hell. That's offensive. Don't be those people, please. The Chicago Pride Parade was yesterday, and while I didn't go, I do have an enormous amount of pride. Not only for Bi people, but every single sexual orientation. Life is hard enough, let's not be hard on one another.