Jul 26, 2013

When Did I Want Wonder Woman?

More specifically, a Wonder Woman movie. 

Now, we've had an explosion of super hero movies in the past 10 years or so. We've had X-Men (Marvel), The Punisher (Marvel), Elektra (Marvel), The Fantastic 4 (Marvel), Spider Man (Marvel), The Amazing Spider Man (Marvel), Ghost Rider (Marvel), Jonah Hex (DC), Catwoman (DC), Green Lantern (DC), Daredevil (Marvel), The Green Hornet (George W. Trendle and Fran Striker), Hellboy (Dark Horse), The Incredible Hulk (Marvel), Watchmen (DC), Kick-Ass (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Superman (DC), Man of Steel (DC), Batman Begins (DC), Captain America (Marvel), and The Avengers (Marvel) to name some of the higher profile entries.

Were all of them good? Hell. No. All were attempted, but some hit the mark extremely well. The failures were potentially epic, however, and it seems the possibility is "scaring" the powers that be into not wanting to make a Wonder Woman movie. Now, the statement released by the President of DC is valid, but no less a cop-out. You made Green Lantern for Christ sake, and supposedly you are worried about "getting her right"? She goes on to claim Wonder Woman is "one of the three top priorities for DC and for Warner Bros." Really? 10 years of hit and miss movies, and she's a priority? She ends saying Wonder Woman is "tricky".

I don't buy that. What is tricky about the character? There is a compelling personality, a solid origin story, she's sexy and independent, and she has the makings to sell movie tickets like hot dogs at a ball park. Get the right writers, a solid director, a REAL actress and you have the makings of a summer hit. Now, I'm not saying it won't be easy to screw up, ask Catwoman. But with so few leading lady super hero movies out there, I'm desperate for them to just give it a shot. I'll either leave the theater happy it was a good movie or happy they at least made the effort. Or is it that by "tricky" you mean to say that you're too afraid to stop pandering to the young male demographic, your profit margins will drop? Guess what, instead of tits being in the background, they are front and center.

So, come on DC. Give me a Wonder Woman movie. Give me a movie worthy of Diana.


  1. I second this: Give us Wonder Woman!!!

    1. I just want a strong woman in a comic film, is that really so much to ask Hollywood?