Jul 8, 2013

When Did I Start Packing?

So this weekend, with the help of my parents, I was able to pack 8 boxes in 4 hours time. Not bad in my opinion. How about labeling boxes? I didn't want to have some boring system so I made this:

Will Graham (NBC): Fragile Paper Related
But seriously, little Graham Cracker is fragile...
Tony Stark (Avengers): Fragile Tech Related
I know I fear my tech breaking...
Khan (Star Trek Into Darkness): Fragile Collectibles/Glass Related
But you sure can break these boxes...
Hannibal (NBC): Kitchen Items
Mmmm, spleen! 
Spike (Buffy): Bedroom Items
It's called pillow talk, honey.
Watson (BBC): Bathroom Items
That's bullshit, and bullshit belongs in the bathroom.
Damon (The Vampire Diaries): Living Room Items
I'm sorry...Spike already called the bedroom.
Loki (Marvel): Mixed Box of Items
Happy to be throwing a wrench in the organization, I see...
I think it's more fun this way, plus I get to doodle on boxes, and confuse the living hell out of people. 

"Adela, where does this box go?" 
"Hannibal needs to go to the kitchen or he'll get cranky."

"What about this one?"
"We have to open Loki, he's a cluster-fuck."

"Where should I take Will Graham?"
"Careful with him...he's sensitive."

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