Jul 16, 2013

When Did I Become A Fangirl?

If you haven't figured out yet that I'm an incurable Sherlock (BBC), Hannibal (NBC), Harry Potter, Star Trek, or Avengers fangirl, don't worry, there is still time. I've been busy with my sister visiting from Mexico, but wanted to post a video with some thoughts.

This is a smart and funny video that illustrates an event that happens in fandom circles I don't understand and that peeves me.

I am a married almost 21 year old woman. I plan on having kids (not that soon). I don't get home some fans use those things as an excuse to leave the fandom. You can leave the fandom because your priorities changed: Your family is number one and you have no time for other things. For someone who is truly immersed in the fandom, being married and having children isn't a hindrance, but a chance to express your fangirl nature in other ways, for example:

  1. Tardis PJ's for your toddler.
  2. Harry Potter themed marriage.
  3. Attending conventions as the Loki Family.
  4. Having a movie/tv marathon with your kids (if it's appropriate for them).
  5. Making meals based on your favorite source material.
  6. Fanfiction can be written by anyone of any age, marital status, or amount of kids.
If you REALLY consider yourself a fangirl, it is a way of life. That will never change. If you abandon it after getting married and having children, then you were never really a fangirl to begin with.



  1. If they do leave, they'll be back. I took a brief vacation from my own obsessions when my boys were very small, but I returned once they got older. Now we are 3 happy nerds together, me, my 14 year old, and my 19 year old, who starts college next month.

    1. Breaks for important things are totally understandable. I "took a break" for wedding planning and honeymoon. It's different than abandonment.