Jul 1, 2013

When Did I Start Liking Girls?

So people find out I am attracted to woman, more often than not, in a subtle way.

Scenario 1:
(Girl Walks By)
Adela: Wow...she's really hot.
Female Friend: I guess. Wait...do you like girls?
Adela: Yeah.

Scenario 2:
(Girl Walks By)
Male Friend: Damn she's hot.
Adela: I know, right?
Male Friend: Wait...do you like girls?
Adela: Yeah.

Those are the typical scenarios I'm "outed" to people I know. I haven't met a person yet who was weird-ed out or stopped being my friend because of it, so I'm a little lucky that way. Then there is the follow up questions I get.

Question 1:
Friend: So you like girls AND guys?
Adela: Yup, I'm bi.
Friend: Oh, okay.

Question 2:
Friend: Have you...you know...done it with a girl?
Adela: You're nosy, but yes.

Question 3: 
Friend: How come you married a guy?
Adela: Because he was the person I was in love with at the time, and he asked.

Question 4:
Friend: Doesn't your husband think it's weird? Does he think it's hot?
Adela: I don't think he has any strong feelings either way. He's cool with it, but it isn't relevant anymore since I'm off the market.

Yes, I am attracted to men and women. Not a super big deal. However, you'd be surprised the kind of things people have said in regards to being bi-sexual.

Dumb Thing 1:
A-Hole: That's a good excuse for being a slut.

Dumb Thing 2:
A-Hole: You just say you like girls to turn on guys.

What the holy hell. That's offensive. Don't be those people, please. The Chicago Pride Parade was yesterday, and while I didn't go, I do have an enormous amount of pride. Not only for Bi people, but every single sexual orientation. Life is hard enough, let's not be hard on one another.

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