Feb 19, 2014

Cheese With My Whine: Looking For A Home

Welcome to Cheese with My Whine! If you've read my blog before, you might have caught some of the recent drama in my life. So here is a recap with some new information.
  • The whole debacle with James and The Navy. They yanked his chain for nothing.
  • Moving to Florida thinking I'd get to look for a house. Haha, guess not.
  • Terrible luck looking for an apartment. Sorry, doesn't matter how much deposit you give them, if your credit sucks, too bad.
  • How about a condo with a private owner? Didn't like the less than great credit either.

So without much other choices left, I considered going back to Chicago. I know, after moving from Chicago to Florida, going back would seem like a huge defeat. However, our saving grace came from an unlikely place.
I recommend their corn nuggets.
I went on a dinner date with a friend and our old high school English teacher (who is our friend). We got to catching up and stuffing our faces when our teacher brought up how her daughter's roommate had screwed her by basically giving little notice of moving out. With no roommate in the immediate future, she was scrambling to find a replacement. I asked for when, and the golden word came out "March." Exactly when we were looking to move into a place. Not only that, it was in a 3 bedroom 2 bath house with a huge living room, big kitchen, and garage with a washer and dryer machine. All within our budget. I cried when I got home.
Really, I look for reasons to make Frozen relevant.
After taking a look at the place, it was clear. We found our new home. Now, I know it isn't solely ours. We share it. In the end though, we like our roommate, and we love our space. I risk getting sappy when I say "Home is where the heart is." but it really is true.

So now we are dashing to the finish line of March 1st for the big move. We've got friends ready to help, shopping and measuring to do, and some serious unpacking, but we are ready. Finally.

This amazing gift however doesn't stop me from being angry about the events leading up to it. Being stone walled at every turn drives you a special kind of crazy when you don't even know where you will be living soon. I think there are flaws in the way we restrict rental properties, and that in general a credit score can mean serious downfalls in your ability to lead your life. Have you had any difficulty looking for your home? Comments are always welcome!