Jun 30, 2013

When Did I Start A Count Down?


That's how many days I have until I move to Florida.

I've been pretty wrapped up in everyday things that keeping an updated blog has been too much. No excuses, it was my bad. So let's just skip the groveling for forgiveness and go right to the list of new things going on!

  • Today I'm at work (yes I know it's Sunday) and if you didn't know, I no longer have Mondays off anymore. Hooray.
  • I saw the first episode of Siberia (NBC). So far, they have peaked my interest.
  • I rescued a bird that was in the parking lot of my job. A tired, hot, and bleeding cockatiel. $700 of medical bills and a Petsmart visit later, she's all mine and much healthier. Have a look my pretty girl. Her name is Ursula. 
  • I watched Man of Steel. Now, a lot of people have grievances about the film, but for me as a whole I found it made me fall in love with a character I've never liked in the DC universe. Also Henry Cavill....
  • I continue my obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch after seeing Star Trek Into Darkness by watch all his European interviews. My favorite was on the Graham Norton show on BBC. He was there with Chris Pine and the Cumberbitches were there full force. That man Khan have me any day. GET IT!?
  • James left Chicago May the 4th (be with you). It's been 58 days since then, and I'm trying to stay positive and upbeat, so I dance to this. Katy Perry saves my sanity.

So that's essentially what's been going on on my end. What's been up with you guys?

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