Mar 1, 2013

When Did I Abandon My Blog?

Hey! I did NOT abandon my blog. There was just some radio silence...for a few days. I started my new job this week and I've essentially felt like a murdered piggie all week. For that, I apologize. However, I am pretty much used to the tired now, and will be back to posting on a more regular basis.

I BROUGHT GOOD NEWS! My husband went to get measured by the Navy after their little fiasco, and he's been given the OK to sign paperwork on Monday, then continue to his official physical that Tuesday or Wednesday as previously planned. I'm excited, but I'm sure he is double or more excited than I am. The man is starving himself on 1 meal of chicken a day for the past 3 weeks for bajeezez sake.

In completely unrelated news, my husband and I watch Wreck-It Ralph tonight. All I'm going to say is you need to go watch it now if you haven't. If you have watched it, GO WATCH AGAIN!

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