Mar 9, 2013

When Did I Start Wanting A Doberman?

You might already know I have a chiuahua named Yumiko. She's a bit of a butterball, but look who's talking. She's going to turn 4 this year, but pretty much still acts like a puppy. I love her bunches, even though she drives me insane occassionally.

When I was younger, we had big dogs, but before I got Yumiko, it had been 8 or more years since I'd even had a dog. We were just a few months into living in Chicago, and we decided we'd get a dog on my mothers birthday. Since we lived in an apartment, a small dog was our only option, but I'm glad we got Yumiko since she's a cuddly little ball of fluff.

Now that James and I are planing on moving this year, we knew we'd be taking Yumiko with us. We take care of her anyways, and I would love to keep her. However, I still want my big dog. I'd been thinking for a while what breed I like, and Dobermans were what really caught my eye. They have a very strong pressence, and beautiful features. It also doesn't hurt to have a semi-guard dog when you're going to be alone sometimes months at a time.

So I've been looking at Doberman pictures ever since, wish each one was mine, but not being able to do anything about it yet. I of course want to make sure that Yumiko approves of whatever dog I get, considering she's the princess of the house. I think she'll enjoy having another dog to play with, since she's never played with another dog in her life.

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