Feb 25, 2013

When Did I Start Listening To Lana Del Ray?

So I'm going to admit I was on the "Hater Train" for Lana from the beginning. Everything about her screamed manufactured music barbie. Then when I found out that was exactly what she was, I hated her more.

"Blue Jeans" Lana Del Ray

An interesting fact, one of my favorite singers is Hatsune Miku. She's not a person. She's a program. However, I listen to her frequently, and love most of her songs. I don't hate her for being "fake".

"Tell Your World" Hatsune Miku

So this video did a good job of bringing me in to reconsider Lana Del Ray.

Idea Channel: Is Miku Hatsune A More Authentic Pop Star Than Lana Del Rey?

Alright, so Lana is a plastic figure sent to trick us into thinking she is as hip as it gets. I made my piece with that eventually. Then I actually gave her songs a chance. You know what? I liked a few. To think I wouldn't have a few more good songs to add to my playlist if I didn't give her a chance. It should be about the songs themselves first and foremost. We're just so sucked into this media blitz that we have to consume the artist themselves before we even really listen to their work.

So children, today's lesson is don't judge a book by its cover. That cheap glossed shallow book might come out with some cool songs....that she didn't even write.

Is this what she looks like without makeup?

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