Mar 29, 2013

When Did I Start Taking Vitamins? (Plus C2E2 News)

As an aging lady, 20 to be exact, it is important to start taking care of myself. I work out 24 minutes a day, I'm cutting down on my over eating, and I'm even drinking more water.

However, my doctor asked if I'm taking any vitamins. I never thought I should be taking any, thinking only little kids and old people needed them. Decided to have my husband go and buy me some 1-A-Day Women's VitaCraves.

IT'S A GUMMY! FOR ADULTS! Finally science is being put to good use. Tasty stuff. So let's hope your humble blog writer gets a little healthier with all these changes.

In C2E2 news...

My 3 Day pass has finally arrived, meaning, I am officially attending the con. I bought half the clothing I need for my cosplay outfit, which should arrive in a week and a half. Tomorrow a friend is helping me cut the tubing for my hammers, then I can start constructing!

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