Mar 4, 2013

When Did I Start Missing Florida?

You may not know this, but I despise heat and humidity. I get miserably cranky in that weather. I also lived in it for 8 years. So you can imagine I spent a little of that time whining and complaining anytime I was pulled away from Central Cooling Systems.

Right now I'm living in Illinois, and it's snowing like a MO FO. We're expecting 7-10 inches today.

I think after 4 years of living in Chicago, I've built an appreciation for Florida, and here's why:

  1. No Snow Storms of any kind. A freak flurry, maybe, but anything but inches of snow.
  2. No frozen pipes. Just this morning I was without any kind of water for more than an hour.
  3. Never without A/C. Here in Chicago, where every building is about 50 years or over, we don't have Central Cooling Systems. We have these dinky little window A/C units that aren't worth a damn. In the magical land of Florida, most buildings are new and have Central Cooling, most importantly, apartments.
  4. No crazy city traffic. I have a slight phobia of being in a car, so traffic drives me nuts. I used to think Florida was bad. NEVER. AGAIN.
  5. Real beaches. Chicago says they have a "beach". It's a rocky sand strip in front of a devastatingly polluted lake. PEOPLE REALLY SWIM THERE! It's so gross...
  6. Close to family and friends. I didn't appreciate that it took me less than an hour drive to visit any friend I wanted. Took me 15 minutes to go see my sister and her kids. Now I'm lucky if I see them once a year.
I could probably go on, but I digress. I simply was NOT built for these temperatures. I was also not build to accept being miles away from loved ones. So, hopefully, once this Navy business is sorted out with my husband, I can move to Pensacola, FL soon after my husband does for his A school.

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