Mar 14, 2013

When Did I Get Roped Into A Training?

So I mentioned in passing before that my Property Manager and I will be doing a Leasing Training at our company tomorrow. It's going to be from 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm. We have all the materials, decorations, prizes, candy, lunch, and presentation ready to go. I even went and bought a little outfit for it. The owners son and the regional manager will be there too.

I'm going through all the stuff we will be doing and I'm just a little worried that the presentation won't fill out the time we have. The presentation have 6 activities, but they wouldn't last more than 10 minutes each. Right there is at least an hour in itself, but there is still 2 hours and a half left. I figure that half hour will be spent on brief discussion after each activity. Which still leaves 2 hours.

I was thinking of looking for some videos online that pretain to leasing or customer service. If I play a couple videos throughout, that can be a whole nother 30 minutes used. My only real fear about all this isn't tripping on my words or not knowing an answer, it's...

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