Mar 24, 2013

When Did I Start Going To Sleepovers?

Buenos Dias everyone! So Saturday afternoon I went with my Husband to Michelle's apartment and boy did we cook! I made bbq chicken and veggie kabobs and oven baked potato chips. Yum-E. Great company for a great meal. After, Michelle invited us out to this nifty Ice Cream/ Candy Parlor called Margie's Candies. Had a candy filled rush there for sure. Headed back to her place and she was nice enough to have us stay the night. Sunday morning, I made everyone scrambled cheesy veggie eggs topped with diced chicken and we had fruit on the side. No better way to wake up. Sad the hubby and I had to go, but planning on going back real soon!
This is a small section of candy selection.
James had a sundae, and I had a chocolate shake.
Michelle had this crazy good chocolate cake and ice cream.
Cute cute cute candy/ice cream parlor.
James was flirty with his candy necklace.

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