Mar 7, 2013

When Did I Start Wanting To Run A Bakery?

Here's the thing, I'm 20 years old and I pretty much know what I want to do. The issue is I've been skirting around it until I move out of my parents house. I'm going to college right now to be a teacher, but honestly I'm not feeling it. I know I could be a teacher, and I think I'd do well. I just don't want that to be my career.

Since forever I've loved baking, eating baked goods, and watching other eat what I've made. It makes me happy. So when I move out, I think I want to attend a school where I can learn all the infrastructure I need, baking and business sides. That way I can possibly run a baking delivery service.

So, here's the idea. I have a website people can go on to order. I envision this being useful for office staff in big buildings or hospitals, and the usual catering services. There they order when they want a certain something, and I call them back to either confirm, deny, or follow up an order. Then I go and make my deliveries.

Good, bad, ok? I just want to start out small making deliveries before I decide if I want to open a permanant bakery, considering I don't know where my husband will be stationed for the Navy.

Comments below are encouraged....needed....please?

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