Mar 23, 2013

When Did I Start Obsessing Over Youtube Cook Shows?

I love spending days off watching Travel Channel, Food Network, and the Cooking Channel. Not many other things keep me more entertained than watching someone cook good food. Mostly though, when I get home after work, I miss a lot of the shows that air during the day. Also, those shows in the morning, however, are more like talk shows since they have more time to fill and ratings to focus on.

So then there is Chef John. He sounds like a lovely man really, and he has a nice pair of hands. He hosts a  Youtube Channel called Food Wishes. It's a no nonsense, light, and attractive cooking show; perfect for the at home chef such as my husband and myself.

Come on, tell me you couldn't do this at home! It's so straight forward. You can give it a watch, re-watch, pause, rewind, and all on your table/phone/laptop. I can't even tell you how much I love this channel. The puns this man rattles off sometimes, I could die.

Go give it a watch sometime and try to make something off of it. Tell me how it goes!

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