Mar 26, 2013

When Did I Start Attending Managers Meetings?

Trick question, I've been going forever. I'll be stuck in one today until about 1:00 pm, so I made my post in the morning so it could post automatically in the afternoon.

So basically, this is how a Managers Meeting Day goes:

  1. The night before, take work home and complete a few reports that honestly we won't discuss during the meeting, but we do them anyway because "you never know".
  2. Wake up and make yourself more beautiful than usual because your Manager has high standards and expects you to follow them. By follow them, she means she wants you to look like a clone of her.
  3. Head to the main office (earlier the better to get prime meter parking).
  4. Wait for the meeting to start, because we came WAY too early.
  5. Take notes for the Manager, even if she is taking her own.
  6. Listen, nod, smile, repeat.
  7. Possibly the main office ordered lunch, and possibly eat it.
  8. Go back to your property and see how in just a few hours, the place went to hell.
  9. Fix the hell.
  10. Wait for 5:00 pm, and head home to sleep it off.
In unrelated news, I started watching Downton Abbey with my husband last night. Watch 2 episodes, and the damn thing is a lot funnier than I ever though. Definitely going to watch more later today.

James made me breakfast! Feast your eyes on this delicacy.

Also, I think I'm very spring snazzy today, but you be the judge.

Well, wish me luck in today's meeting. Hopefully everything is business as usual.

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