Mar 8, 2013

When Did My Dad Start Quoting Twilight Movies?

I'd like to think my father is a pretty well educated and cultured guy. He's got a Masters Degree, works at the Chicago Public Schools Central Offices, and loves anything to do with history. So I consider him a serious person. My mother, is a bit of an opposite. Don't get me wrong, she's super smart, but her smart is for business as opposed to philosophy.

So Mom enjoys watching the Twilight Saga movies. You know, the ones with sparkly vampires? Yeah. She ropes dad into watching them when they come out on Demand. So the last instalment in the series came out recently I guess and they watched it on Sunday. I watched it in theaters so I pretty much remember the dialogue and stuff.

Well fast forward to Wednesday, and we just finished having dinner at the table. I tend to slouch at the table after work since I'm tired. Mom yells from the living room "Don't slouch!" so obviously I slouch more. Then dad chimes in "Maribel (mom), humans don't sit up straight." It took me a second to realize that was a line from the Twilight movie.

It wasn't a big thing really, but it gave me a laugh that this big masculine Mexican man, who happens to be a well educated guy, just referenced a movie about sparkly vampires and teen angst. I know it's probably one of those "you had to be there" moments, but I like sharing.

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