Mar 3, 2013

When Did I Start Watching Amish Mafia?

Alright, this sounds pretty cray-cray, but hear me out. Now, I have ZERO idea if this "reality" series is as real as it claims to be. All I know is if this is real, these people are more ballsy that The Sopranos.

I'm talking blackmailing, shooting cars, setting stuff on fire, spying, intimidation, money loaning, double crossing, territorial struggles, and that's just the 2 episodes I saw.

It's a group lead by a guy names Levi, and his 3 henchmen. Levi is in love with one of the henchman's sisters too. Apparently Levi was also not supposed to get his position, and it rightfully belongs to the brother of girl he likes. DEAR LORD, THIS SHOW IS GONNA GIVE ME AN ANXIETY ATTACK.

Sometimes it's just so ridiculous you have to laugh, but other times you're really rooting for someone, and isn't that what a great TV series should do?

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