Mar 27, 2013

When Did I Start Running Ragged?

Well folks, there is indeed no rest for the wicked, and money, in fact, does not grow on trees.

This Saturday I've got an Open House at my property, hopefully rent a decent amount or apartments because of it. Most of the materials are already in place, rest comes Friday. Fingers crossed on that one.

So, I've been growing ever the more excited about upcoming C2E2. Only 29 days til it all goes down. The guest list has exploded since the last time I mentioned it. Planing on getting some autographs like:

  • Felicia Day (Codex: The Guild) 
  • Ron Perlman (Hell Boy) 
  • Jason Frank (Original Green Ranger) 
  • Adam West (Batman)
  • Laurie Holden (Andrea: The Walking Dead) 
  • Janina Gavankar (Luna: True Blood) 

I also bought the supplies for making the hammers for my cosplay outfit. They are less the traditional Harley Quin hammer (over sized with a long handle) and are more Thor Hammer sized. I hope they well received by fellow Con-Goers.

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