Mar 16, 2013

When Did I Decide A Sippy Cup Was Age Appropriate?

You read that right. I bought a sippy cup. Now before you go judging me, here is a picture of it.

  1. Adorable - Check.
  2. Portable - Check.
  3. Spill Proof - Check.
The only 3 criteria I have for my water bottles. So you imagined my squee when I saw this at Target. The 'real' reason I bought it was for the training yesterday, which went AWESOME by the way. The theme was very spring/Easter, so I felt this was a fitting addition to my table. I wish the bottle was bigger, I have a bit more thirst than a 3 year old, but it had to do.

Oh, here are some pictures of the training room before people arrived. It isn't fancy or anything, but it was very fun!

Table One: The Dream Team
Table 2: Ferocious Panthers
Table 3: Leasing Lions

Prize Table
Everyone had their place look like this. Name tag, binder, and pen.
I was in control of the presentation, and got to speak for most of it. Oh, also impromptu DJ.
The whole thing was a big success. After we finished, we all went out for drinks at this place called Chicago Brauhaus. THERE WAS A POLKA BAND!

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