Mar 6, 2013

When Did I Start Telling You My Life Story?

The answer is since day 1. I'm told I "over-share". Pssssh. So, anyways...

My hubby James has FINALLY been given the okay to do his official physical this Friday! I know all his hard work is gonna pay off and he can finally relax just a little.

Also, you'll be happy to know I survived the snow storm yesterday, but not unscathed. After work, I was afraid of the drive home. Forgetaboutit! The drive was fine, it was the parking- no, I mean STREET PARKING, that was a nightmare. First we had to find a damn space, then when we tried to park, we got stuck in a snow bank for 30 minutes. I just wanted to get home...but in the end after help from James, Dad, and neighbors, we got out of it, and parked somewhere else.

But of course, when I got home cold and wet, there was no hot water to shower with. C'est la vie. I made due with some hot coco and buttered english muffins. Yum!

You'll be happy to know, this morning, I got a whole 10 minutes of hot water to shower with. 

In other news, I'll be doing a presentation at my job the 15th, and soon after that we'll be hosting an Open House. I'm excited for the warmer months to start because that's when we get our big business.

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