Apr 3, 2013

When Did I Start Worrying About Bees?

Don't get me wrong. I HATE bees. I hate honey bees. I hate killer bees. I hate funny bees. I even hate a-Bee-cs. So why am I so worried about them?

Well, what I read not too long ago off CNN disturbs me. "More than half of all the honeybees in the U.S. died almost at once this spring." That's not ok, and Kim Flottum knows exactly why they are dying. "The food system in this country for honey bees is broken, and it needs fixing."

Let me break it down. Even though I think honey bees are icky, scary, and I want them all to keep a 10 foot radius away from me, they are essential to nature. We need them.

Bee keepers are used to seeing 30% of their "livestock" die each spring, so is the cruelty of nature. This spring an unprecedented number of bees died, more than 50%.

This loss is being attributed to something kind of like deforestation....for bees. Their lush Plains, Midwest, and Mountain States have been converted into acre upon acre of ethanol-producing corn fields. Guess what? BEES DON'T WANT THEIR POLLEN!

They are literally being stressed out to death! We are taking away the diversified land they need to gather pollen by planting giant areas of crops like corn, spraying the heck out of them with chemicals, or building that strip mall we so "desperately need".

I bet you're asking yourself "Shouldn't I be more worried about melting ice caps than some stupid bees?" To that I say "YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT BOTH!"

We need bees. We need ice caps. Can the human race just try a LITTLE harder?

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