Apr 19, 2013

When Did I Start Dressing My Dog?

Yumiko and the Mommy-To-Be
Well, both the baby shower and company "Bring Your Dog To Work" day were a success. Yumiko not only captured the hearts of the entire company, but also managed to not totally embarrass me. No one would have guessed she is a severely NON-housebroken dog.

So yesterday I wrestled with my mom about how Yumiko would go to the main office. I really wanted her to just go in a nice collar, but mom wanted the whole 9 500 yards. So I gave in and bought her a blindingly pink outfit, a pink leopard print dog carrying purse, and a new pink collar. You can see just how much it got to her head...
The baby shower had awesome food (like chicken quesodillas), pasta, fruit, and salad. The Mommy-To-Be got a ton of amazing presents. We all enjoyed cupcakes and a little pink moscato wine for dessert. The dogs were a lot of fun to have around during.

I don't know if I'll keep dressing Yumiko like a pretty little princess, but I might try to get her into some more outfits now that the weather will be getting nice. DID I MENTION IT SNOWED TODAY! WHAT THE HECK CHICAGO?

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