Apr 10, 2013

When Did I Get A Reason To Use My Hammer?

So I've finally finished ONE hammer last night, and I am not disappointed. Check it out!

Made from:
  • Handle: 1/2 inch PVC pipe (cap on bottom)
  • Hammer Head: 5 inch irrigation pipe (caps on both ends)
  • Held together with epoxy
  • Decorated with handy dandy duct tape
It will go fabulously with my Harley Quinn outfit for C2E2, don't you think?

Before I go, I have some gross/disturbing news to share with you....prepare yourself.

I read Geekologie every weekday usually, but since April started I haven't checked it out. I started from most recent and worked my way back to where I stopped reading last, and discovered that little gem of a post. Let nightmares ensue.

Then again, I finally have a bug suitable to crush with my mighty hammer!

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