Apr 5, 2013

When Did I Start Jamming?

I've been on a little music bender these past few days. There has even been occasional dancing and singing. Could this be...SPRING FEVER? CUE MUSICAL NUMBER!
So I've been using Pandora One for the past month, which is a paid version so you don't get any commercials. I think it was $4 or so for a month, and I find it worth it. I need music when I'm getting ready for work, and for going through paper work during the day.

There a few songs right now I'm really into, obviously "I Love It" by Icona Pop is one of them. That dancy girl pop is better than Red Bull to jump start my day!

Are there any songs you're jamming out to this week? I love finding new music.

I'm making this post to post automatically since at work I will be busy with an inspection, and afterwards I will helping out at the finale of the Opera Idol event sponsored by one of my sister properties. Gonna be load of fun, but I know getting home later than usual will make blog updating prospects impossible.
Got the hubby to take a quick shot of me this morning.

Tune in Saturday, as I'll be writing you all a poem!

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