Apr 14, 2013

When Did I Find Time To Write This?

There is a lot going on this month for me, and it's all demanding my attention. Don't worry, I didn't forget my Hannibal (NBC) Episode 2 poem.

"Holy Shiitake!"
Written by: Adela M.

Will Graham you shot down
That killer Hobbs plenty
Did it in his kitchen as your
flashbacks remind me.

For his daughter Abigail
you feel responsibility
Confiding in Dr. Lecter
How bad could that be?

That red head blogger Freddie
She's one sneaky bitch
If she doesn't tread more carefully
She'll end up in Lecter's knish

Somewhere in this episode
there were some gross bodies
covered in yucky fungus
by a pharmacist crazy

Will Graham takes the shot
saving young Abby
he really should be asking 
"Who is saving me?"

This episode was fantastic. The spotlight isn't on Hannibal, but rather on Will and how Hannibal is eerily able to connect with him and enable him. The "murderer" this week was brilliant in a creepy psycho way that doesn't help me trust my local Walgreen's anymore...

So this weekend I'll be working on the clothing aspect of my cosplay more heavily now that the hammer is finished. Wish me luck everyone!

Oh, by the way, Shiitake reminds me...

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