Apr 4, 2013

When Did I Start Enjoying The Weather?

Internet, you'll be happy to hear that I think winter is finally out of Chicago. Reading the forecast, we're looking at high 50's and low 60's for at least the foreseeable future. YES! Time to break out the Spring/Summer wardrobe and forget about thick coats, boots, and long sleeves.

To celebrate getting over dreaded Wednesday in one piece, I decided to go out with the hubby. After a much need nosh on spinach artichoke dip, baked potato soup, and a 10 oz. steak for dinner, we headed to the movies. We saw The Host. Which by the way was awesome! I remember reading the book my freshman year of High School and enjoying it, so having a movie version that was ACTUALLY worth seeing was nice.

As if you needed more fantastic news, but I've finally broken the demon sickness known as The Flu! I woke up today feeling so great, was totally ready to go to work, and I've got lots of energy. So look out Thursday, Adela's here to ROCK YOU!


  1. I read many of your posts already. You're so entertaining!!! It was great seeing you today!

    1. Thanks Ruthvi, I like your blog a lot too. Hope to keep entertaining you :) Come visit my mom and me at work again any time.