Apr 13, 2013

When Did I Start Depending On Technology?

So, at my job, Fridays are a pretty big deal. Not because it's the last day of the work week,  because that is Saturday, but because we tend to get a lot of traffic via people walking in, emailing, and calling us. You know what is the worst on a Friday? No. Internet.

Yes, I did. Our Internet not only keeps the 2 computers in the office useful, but also keeps our intercom system working, and our office phone. So in a business that is nothing without Internet or phone, you can imagine how we felt yesterday.

But now it is Saturday, and I hoped to walked in 100% back up and running. However, the phone is still not working. At this point I'm thrilled Internet is at least back, but it's not good for us loosing calls on such an important day for renting like a Saturday.

Oh, side note, I saw Hannibal Episode 2 yesterday, and you can expect my poem review tomorrow. I'll talk to you guys then!

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