Apr 18, 2013

When Did I Start Liking Jewelery?

So when I got married, the biggest hurdle for me wasn't the whole commitment thing, the wearing of a dress, or even the shared bank account. What was really a stretch for me was wearing a ring everyday. Sounds silly right? But for me, wearing jewelery is more of a special occasion thing. I don't wearing earrings unless my mom annoys me into it, I rarely wear bracelets, and necklaces are the same. A ring is something I wear even less. Until I got engaged. The first month of having a ring on was so strange. Having to remember to put it on everyday felt weird.

So fast forward to now and I'm into the habit of wearing my wedding ring very well. I have occasional slip ups but those don't happen too much. I found a website that lets you custom make rings (among other jewelery) in every aspect. Stone, metal, arrangement, and design. I've been playing on it for a couple days now and have a couple combos I really like.

Ring 1: 14 Karat White Gold, Sailor Knot Design, Onyx Gem,  with engraving.  Less than $600.

Ring 2: 14 Karat White Gold, Quintessence Design,  Ruby and Onyx Gems.  Less than $700.

Ring 3: 14 Karat White, Alhambra Design, Ruby Gems. Less than $1,000.
What do you think? Each one means something different to me, but you can clearly tell what my favorite colors are. 

In other news, tomorrow is a coworkers baby shower at work PLUS it's company bring your dog to work day. It's a crazy enough mix it might work. I'll try to take pictures. Wish me luck!

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