Apr 24, 2013

When Did I Ever Have Such A Great Nights Sleep?

I appreciate good sleep just as much as I loath bad sleep, and last night was GREAT!

My personal sleeping pill.
AND IT'S ALL THANKS TO JAMES BEING BACK IN CHICAGO! Yes, James arrived last night pretty late, but I felt so amazingly peaceful once we were together again that I had the best nights sleep ever.

So his schedule for today is/was:

  • James goes to the recruiter office to talk to the Officer.
  • James has his appointment for tomorrow at MEPS confirmed.
  • Tonight James will stay at a hotel.
  • Tomorrow morning, James will go and get his MEPS stuff finished.
  • Hopefully from that, we get offered the contract right away Thursday.
I'm in my optimistic zone right now, and I know James is all good to get passed.

Look how good I look after sleep!
So tonight I have to go and buy NEW pants for my costume because the ones I got are too big on me and look funny with the corset over them. I'm already going out with my mom to her physical therapy after work, so it's on the way. Busy days leading up to C2E2, but I'm expecting good news all around! Wish my husband luck!

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