Apr 22, 2013

When Did I Go To Doctor Appointments?

I went into work today to put in the hours I'll be taking off for C2E2 festivities. Needless to say it was hard convincing my body it was worth it to come in on a day off, but I made it.

This is how I feel when I get out of work.
After work I had an appointment scheduled with my family practice doctor. My back has been killing me, and I was dying for a referral for a physical therapist. During that part where they take your blood pressure, I was told the pressure was good, but I needed to lose weight. Well gee, thanks, I think I know what I'm carrying around here. Anyways, she prescribed me a pill to cut my appetite down dramatically in hopes over 3 months I'll have a shrunken stomach capable of now making me obese with its incessant hunger. I'll let you know how it goes.

So I have just a little preview of my C2E2 outfit for Saturday...and here goes nothing!

Dear god my calves are meaty...
What do you think? "Harley Quinn in High School" worthy? Am I fooling myself here?

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