Apr 7, 2013

When Did I Start Forgetting Promises?

It's true, I forgot I had promised you all a poem on Saturday, so I'll just has to mix it in with the original plan I had for the blog today, which was a Hannibal premiere (NBC) review.

"Will & Grace Hannibal"
Written by: Adela M.

Will Graham I am impressed
With your strange abilities
Empathizing with viscous killers
You still give me weak knees.

You are so much more
Then you are letting on
But Dr. Lecter knows this
He won’t just play along.

He pushes all your buttons
Whose side is he on
Will solves the case all the same
But in the end who is to blame?

Episode one is finished
And my conclusion is
That Dr. Lecter William Graham
Are destined to be best of friends!

So there you have it folks, I love the character of Will, so disturbed by his own "creativity", and enter Dr. Lecter who is the ice cream on the pie, completing our psycho duo. Can't wait for next week, maybe they will hold hands, they've already had breakfast together.

Quick update if you haven't noticed. I have tabs at the top of the blog now!
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