May 2, 2013

When Did I Need A New Game Plan?

So here is the skinny on what the new "Game Plan" is.
  1. Since the Navy denied James, he got a job with his fathers networking company. Meaning he's moving to Florida as of Saturday.
  2. I will stay up here in Chicago while working and saving money like he will be down in Florida.
  3. James will apartment hunt while down there.
  4. I will work on obtaining my National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP) Certification through The National Apartment Association. Makes me more employable.
  5. Hopefully by September, funds and appointments are made to move into our own place. Also I'd hopefully have a job lined up.
It's a simple 5 Step plan when it comes down to it, and Step 1 begins this Saturday.Of course, I am a little down in this situation considering we spent 1 whole year trying to get into the Navy. It really is their loss, since James is so smart and dedicated. I'm also a bit sad since our 1 year wedding anniversary is on the 18th of May, and we won't be together.

But I'm still very optimistic! James has secured a job in his desired career field, which is what we wanted all along. I'll still be moving to Florida like I wanted, and better yet to Orlando where I have family and friends. So all the goals we had set for September are still on track.

I want to thank all you readers out there who have been going along for this crazy ride I call my life. Knowing you all care what happens in my day to day means a lot to me.
Yumiko and I enjoying the spring weather.


  1. Just happy you see fit to share! I'm sure things will get better.

    1. I'm told I "over share", whatever that means. Thanks for the encouragement! Remember, no need for anonymity here, friend.