May 13, 2013

When Did I Make A Cribs Episode?

Okay, that's a little misleading. No, I didn't direct, nor stared, in an episode of Cribs (MTV). However, I'd like to think my male leopard gecko is having that feeling right now.
 "Ey, yo, dis is Kakushi, y'all can call me King Kaku! Lemme take you inside mah crib. Take yo shoes off doh. I just had my crib re-done, lemme give you a walk though. Front and center I got my rock pool and conch shell, case I wanna summon my homeboy Mermaid Man. Then there's my custom made new-age rock wall, showing my courage to tha ladies. The bathroom hidden from view, cuz ain't nobody wanna look at dat. Speaking of food, the chow corner's here, sprinkle all dem worms with calcium. My spirit animal is the dragon, so I have a statue of it, which has a romantic bridge to my master suite. Look at that plush ass carpet!"
Private entrance to bring in the honeys.
The answer is yes, I did have too much fun with that, and no I have no dignity left.

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