May 11, 2013

When Did I Rejoice For Fridays?

Fridays are not the end of my work week, Saturdays are. So usually there lacks the "TGIF" quality. However, yesterday was a bit of an oddity as I actually had FUN things to do on a Friday, and I even stayed out til **drumroll** 10:30 PM! I'm a rebel.

Ordered my Pineapple Coconut pancakes at work!
The Babycakes Inspired Gourmet Pancakes Truck came to work, and in my opinion, I ate the best pancakes of my life. They had some cool flavors like Cinnamon Bun, and some odd ones like Shrimp & Crab. The owner was very nice, and I hope to eat at this food truck again.
Ruth, Michelle, and Me at a Hibachi Grill.
After work, Michelle and I met up with our co-worker Ruth. We went to a Hibachi Grill and got dinner AND a show. To be honest, we were enough of a show to begin with but the cook was cool too. I caught a broccoli he tossed at me with my "twins". I'm classy.
Ah, the simple comforts of after dinner pie. Bakers Square is the go to restaurant for this, and peach is always my go to slice. Would've ordered it warm, but I totally forgot.

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