May 3, 2013

When Did I Get So Teary?

So today is James's last day here with me in Chicago for a while. We relaxed, went and saw Iron Man 3, and had dinner at Chili's. There was a moment, right before the movie started, that I realized I'd forgotten James would be gone tomorrow. Of course, after I realized that, I got a little misty eyed. I did my best to push it away and focus on Robert Downey Jr.'s handsome mug. I worked for a while.

After dinner, we did a quick Petsmart run for Leopard Gecko chow, and now we are home. In a little bit we are going to catch up on the past few weeks of Hannibal, then hopefully not sleep until midnight. Mom and I will be taking him to the airport tomorrow at 8:00 am, and this is the second time in just 3 weeks I have to make this horribly sad drive to O'Hare and watch him walk away with a suitcase. 

I can't just focus on the sad stuff though. I'm happy he has a job waiting for him there in Florida, grateful of all his parents are doing to help us, and excited we still have a working plan for this year to get our own place. I knew 2013 was going to be filled with changes and challenges  so it's about time they get into gear.

Aren't we a pretty pair?

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