May 25, 2013

When Did I Get Memorial Day Off?

While I do get Memorial Day off (not paid, mind you) I don't believe I have anything in the way of plans. No one has actually invited me to do anything, and I can't blame them. I think I have a pool of 4 people I talk to in Chicago, and that number slowly whittles down. So it's another lonely day off for me. But, there is hope!

By hope I meant I'm going to sleep the whole day. What? You thought that was going to end some other way? Have you read my blog before? Anyway, the week has been difficult and slow so I can't imagine spending my day off doing anything else but recharging. I might watch some movies or shows, but that's about it.

In other news, I just scheduled a showing at my job on my day off! Yup, so bored, I'd rather work Monday, not like I'm getting paid for it...

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