May 23, 2013

When Did I Apply For An Apartment?

Okay, so I haven't applied just yet, but I do know everything I need to so I can apply. I want to do it by next weekend, because everyone is telling me there is a waiting list for 1 Bedroom apartments (of course). I really would like to know in advance (like at least 2 months) where I will be living in Florida, and planning for the space I will have. Lately I've been getting home and falling asleep (my bad) and I haven't been able to update James on that plan, so hopefully tonight I can.
Giving you that "Beauty Stare Down".
ALSO, after work today I am doing my nails THEN going home and recoloring my hair blond. So today is going to be busy all the way through. Waiting for Saturday and then my (lonely) 2 day weekend. Wish me luck everyone!

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