May 8, 2013

When Did I Start Pushing Products?

I don't like being peddled to. I don't like the "hard sells". In general, I like to be trusted to make my own decisions about a product and then I will either buy it or forget it.

So, let's start this way: Many years ago I started reading an online comic called "Least I Could Do". It's funny as all hell, in a more adult way, and I've been reading ever since. I visited the creators a few times at conventions in my area as well. Great set of guys.

Last fall, the writer of that online comic launched a project on Kickstarter called "The Bear". It was a funny, true, and beautiful account of being a new father. My husband ordered a copy, and true enough it was well worth every penny.

Now, the next volume of "The Bear" is on Kickstarter. I'm obviously going to order this volume, but I want other people to see just how great these books are. I don't have a child (yet) but even I immensely enjoyed readying "The Bear", and look forward to the next one. Check out their page, watch the video, and make your own conclusions. 

Hopefully, I'm not totally deluded thinking you'll like this.

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