May 10, 2013

When Did I Start Using LinkedIn?

So I've been working in my current company for **drum-roll** 3 years now! But as you know, I'm moving by the end of the year. This means the ever dreaded job hunt is afoot!

I've had my LinkedIn Account for a while now, kept it updated and what not, and now I'm finally going to be able to use the darn thing. I know that I've been raving about becoming a baker, which is still my dream, but I know the field I am in well enough to excel beyond many others. I'm comfortable with the position, and I feel I am doing an overall great job. I figure, why leave the field?

Also, the Orlando/Oviedo/Winter Springs area is high in rental communities, which is ideal for the kind of work I do. I used to live in a Concord community, loved it, and want to work/live in that sort of place.

How about you? Do you use LinkedIn? Is it helpful when you've looked for a job? What field are you in as opposed to what you are dreaming of being in? Interested in your responses.

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